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Bobbi, thank you for being such a big part of our first home purchase. We appreciate all of your hard work and professional guidance. We are proud to call you our realtor and friend.
— Joe & Sara

Trent Banister is simply the best realtor I’ve ever worked with. His creativity and business savvy secured us a sale far exceeding the quotes from any other company. Trent’s knowledge of the market is unsurpassed. Contrary to every other realtor, he advised against fixing up our house, saving us a ton of money and still getting us a better final sale. He is a consummate professional and a joy to work with. I can’t recommend Banister Real Estate highly enough!
— Matt & Deborah

Trent has been amazing. This is our first home buying process and from day one I have felt so at ease and comfortable with him. The thing I like most is that he sat down with us ahead of time and just talked to us and got to know us. The bottom line is that he made it clear that no matter what route we took he would support us and just be the expert advice for us. Having never gone through this he was exactly what we needed. And as the process has gone on we have built more trust in him. Now we turn to him for advice throughout the process and we feel confident when he gives us an answer. That is the value he really adds. Its a stressful process and money is always high on the list. He definitely puts our needs in the order we need them but when we are uncomfortable about a certain decision we have to make he explains it thoroughly so that we can make the best choice and we feel at peace with what decisions we make.

Trent is a great man and we are blessed to be able to work with him.
— James & Janet

Bobbi, you have been there for us during two important times in our life. You helped us to purchase the home of our dreams and with selling the home we spent most of our adult lives in. Thank you for your expertise and professionalism. We will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends and family.
— Lonnie & Martha

Call (316) 210-1861 and allow us to make a believer out of you!