Trent Banister


For 19 years, Trent has been instrumental in selling, designing, and building world-class homes for buyers looking for that "IT" factor.  With a strong sense of style, scale, and proportion, Trent relentlessly seeks out details that transform the way people experience their homes.  From the numbers and timelines, to the process and setting expectations, Trent pulls it all together to assist you with all of your real estate needs.  And it'll be done in a simplified, fun, and enjoyable process for you and your family.  He will be right there with his boots on the ground ensuring that your experience with Banister Real Estate is a great one!

Andrew Reese


You know how when you meet certain people, they just exude genuine character?  That's our man, Andrew!  To sum it up...he is just a solid dude! Andrew has burst onto the scene in real estate and blazed a trail ever since.  He is known for his ability to communicate and lead, and is well respected by the industries' elite. Andrew also has proven ultimately resourceful when it comes to getting you to the closing table! This guy is truly a jack of all trades!

Bobbi Warren


Everything Bobbi does, she does it with a class and sophistication level that is unrivaled.  Want to know what it is like to work with a true "Pro"?  Call Bobbi!  Bobbi has run the gamut of real estate ranging from new home sales, to high-end luxury homes, to working with first time home buyers. She just might be the most authentic person there is.  That character is evident in the way she cares for her customers!

Kyle Roberts


Meet our newest Young Gun in the Banister Real Estate Family!  Kyle has an uncharacteristic work ethic and drive that most people just flat out do not possess.  His nurturing and thoughtful personality pair so well with his ability to articulate and get the job done!  He is attentive to details.  He is acutely aware of opportunities.  He is intuitive to the needs of his clients.  Bottom line, he is a stud!  If you looked up the phrase "Salt of the Earth" in a dictionary, you would see a picture of Kyle...just sitting there smiling back at you!  Placing your real estate needs in his care will help you rest easy at night!

Tijen Owings

Event Planner Extraordinaire

Why, you may ask, do we need our very own event planner and gift coordinator?  Well, frankly, because that's how we roll!  We believe in surrounding ourselves with talent and blessing those we work for with a 5-Star experience!  [Insert Tijen!]  We don't just work for people, we do life with them. No better way to show how much we care about our customers than with gestures, gifts, and events of appreciation!  Tijen just happens to be the best in the business, so naturally, we are on the same team!

Chase Banister

Protector of the brand

Sure...Chase carries the family name...but assigning him to his title was not something just handed to him!  Chase is a bonafide stud and a wizard behind the lens of a video camera.  He can masterfully fly a drone in the most finite of spaces.  He gets our message.  He shares our same culture. He has a unique way of capturing life!  That, ladies and gentleman, is why this dude is the protector of the brand.  Or in my case, the "bro"tector!